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Nicolas Curmer


Born in Paris in 1974, he grew up in St Didier to the Mont d'Or (Rhône);

He studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Lyon between 1995 & 1999, and then at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris in the art class of François Boisrond;

He graduated in 2003 and since then exhibites his work and realizes paintings on order.


What is today a painting artwork when the  technology has invaded our lives with images that fill and occupy our space from birth to death?


While the pictorial artwork should claim its place among this abundance of images  made either by publicist creators of erroneous needs or by pretender artists? What is an artwork with all this restlessness stream of horror pictures, of destruction and death we are given each day pretending to "inform" us to better overwhelm and terrified us, turning us into devoted  followers or apathetic electors?

If these questions have a meaning for you, I suggest you to see and to look carefully at the artworks of Nicolas Curmer.

Just simply because, in my opinion, they are all the opposite of what I have briefly mentioned above, they have all the features of the Art, made to live among humans, to support them and unite them.


The paintings of Nicolas Curmer appear in series, that all, from portraits to sports, from  nudes to  landscapes, large paintings to reduced size artworks,  are the product of the same  deliberately distant look and without feeling, supported by a perfect technique whose quality recall the yesteryear masters.

The power of these images is such  we believe that one day they will occupy the space held by slush advertising, giving us a new vision of the objects and the world.