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Dana Cojbuc


Born in Romania in 1979, Dana Cojbuc lives and practises her activity as a photographer artist in Paris.

Dana Cojbuc holds a master in photography and video from the University of Art from the Bucarest department and a master in communication and media from the Pantheon University of Atens, like a true jack of all trades , she observes the different techniques in order to make her ideas the most bizarre.

Deeply attached to her native country, her culture and to her natives people, Dana Cojbuc , gives a huge importance to illustrate Romania, in a particular and cheerful way.

Her native village becomes then a dedicated and perfect setting , where the characters come in front of her lens.

 Learning from unrehearsed encounters, she proposes the spectator to escape with humour from the daily life, with a few flashbacks to childhood and a good deal of fancy.