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Vanessa Dakinsky

Born in 1985. Lives and work in Toulouse (France)
Since completing her degree in fine art, Vanessa Dakinsky has developed a more self-taught art practice, drawing references from the popular universe to the classical tradition of painting.
Her universe oscillates between realism and onirism. The immediate visual shock gives way to reverberations, sharpness of detail and, occasionally, hidden animals and visions. 
These enigmatic architectures reveal a relationship between a fragmented reality and the familiar, in a collision of quasi-photorealism and the visually disturbed, unexpected or abstract.
Showing the deepness of some moments, reinterpreted signs of our time grow alongside a vibrant and hypnotic humanity.
In 2013, Vanessa Dakinsky's work will be exhibited internationally, in both personal and collective exhibitions. (France, England, Germany, Norway, Canada).