Adrien Patout - "Vice n°6", 2013

Mixed media on glossy paper
8.3 x 11.7 in

I am a painter and fashion illustrator, currently living in Paris.
My works evolve mostly around portraiture, flesh and bodies setups (fashion, tattoo/piercing, nudity/intimacy…).
I started exhibiting in 2012 in LA, NYC and Paris.

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Original drawing on photography, from a series of six artworks created for the magazine version of Vice Germany, in collaboration with photographer Peter Kaaden.

Vice is an international magazine focuses on urban culture, photography, art and music.



Exhibitions & Press:


Group exhibition "Hypercorps" at La Galerie des Artistes (Paris)


Solo exhibition at the MV Gallery (Paris)

Duo exhibition at Le Chapon Rouge (Paris)

Group exhibition with 229 Collective (NYC)

Group exhibition at Lux / Eros Gallery (LA)

Review articles on Boumbang & The Tourist

Notes on Zeutch & Juxtapoz



Publication in Catapult Art Mag Issue #2



  • Art description : mixed media on glossy paper
  • Height : 11.7 in
  • Width : 8.3 in