• A multilingual contemporary art gallery online
• A free exhibition place , available 24h/24
• A refined and consistent selection of unique and original work of art (painting, photography, sculpture...), inspired by the narrative figuration, the Street Art, the Pop Art and hyperrealism...
• The eye of two pasionate persons ready to support their catalog.
• A stepping stone for emerging artists.

uThe advantages for the artist:u

• A high visibility thanks to an optimal strategy for SEO ( Google, Yahoo, Bing…) and a targeted communication.

• In fact a consistent gallery: all the displayed artworks are rigorously selected in order to build up a very rich and innovative catalog of art; a basic and ergonomic website that enhance your work and enable a simple and easy browsing.

• A clear contract: By The Art chooses the artworks and sets prices with you, then  puts your artwork for sale on the website. All that simple !
An agreement is signed  beforehand to ensure that commitment.

• Sales monitoring: By The Art will relieve you from all commercial concerns, will deal directly with the customers for you, and will insure the follow-ups of orders.

• A more profitable space than traditional gallery: an exhibition throughout the year, an opening to foreign markets, a newsletters tailored to customers, attractive prices for the artist and a support for its career and projects.

• A trust partnership to “grow together”.

uThe benefits for the buyer:u

• A specialized catalog with a clear and consistent artistic line.

• Few artists compared to the competing websites thus a greater visibility.

• Single artworks from French and Francophone emerging  young artists.

• A more advantageous space than a traditional gallery:

a classical gallery will grant itself a 50% commission, while  By the Art  only 33% thus lower prices.

• Secure direct purchase, quick and easy from your computer.

• Available 24/7 worldwide

• Tax exemption and tax benefits (deductions, wealth tax, inheritance...)

• A higher rate return from 6 to 7%  than dividend yield



uInterview with... v

Xavier Chambon
Founder and artistic director of the By the Art



How did you come up with  the idea to create an art gallery online?


This is a long-cherished desire and so since several years.


We can notice an increasing attendance in exhibitions and museums as well as a growing interest for the art in general.

After a several months’ market study, it appears that the virtual galleries don’t fully satisfy the artists.

Most of these galleries represent hundreds of painters, photographers, sculptors... The production is embedded, with a low-visibility and the relationship with the creators of the websites is very limited.

The customers expectations are not satisfactory either, because by hosting a too wide range of artists, the online galleries offer very heterogeneous collections that often lack coherence unlike the traditional galleries.


Then what is the specificity of By the Art?


Like the traditional point of sales, precisely, we have choosen to represent only thirty artists.

This allows us to establish a very close relationship with them, but also to create an artwork catalog we choose to defend because we love them. This desire has also allowed us to persuade some artists, initially reluctant to present their work online.

How have you made a selection of the artworks represented in your gallery?


We wanted a very coherent artistic line inspired by the hyper-realism, narrative figuration and Pop Art.

We turned to talented young designers, who, for the most part,  have a career already marked by numerous exhibitions and press publications. We are also fortunate to have Mr Mesnager Jerome as a sponsor, the father of the Man in White, painted on every walls in the greatest cities of the world.


Dematerializing the art isn’t a problem?


Generally, shopping online has became obvious to most people. In our field of activity, it was necessary to enable the buyer to be closer to the artworks.

So we propose enlargements to better feel the texture, the grain, but also setting up situations with a standard meter to totally grasp the dimensions of the creations.

 More than a problem, the Internet is a force. We are reaching the people that dare not enter a gallery with storefront and, nevertheless are interested in Art, but also an international audience.

More specifically, what kind of buyers are you aiming to reach?


Individuals contemporary art lovers , tired of industrialized paintings and photographs, some collectors looking to invest in young artists who will create the tomorrow's trends as well as the companies, interested in an interesting tax exemption or in an advantageous sponsorship.

Interview by Emilie Franc


Xavier Chambon, 45, is a graduate of Fine Arts, Art director in the publishing and magazine, painter and photographer. Acute observer of trends, he likes to select and promote young talents.