Dana Cojbuc - "Chambre 61", 2012

Photography printed on Fine Art paper
35.4 x 23.6 in

Born in Romania in 1979, Dana Cojbuc lives and practises her activity as a photographer artist in Paris.
Dana Cojbuc holds a master in photography and video from the University of  Art from the Bucarest department and a master in communication and media from the Pantheon University of Atens, like a true jack of all trades , she observes the different techniques in order to make her ideas the most bizarre.

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  • Availability: Limited to 25 copies

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We were two in room 61, Hotel de La Sorbonne.

An unusual experience that imposes its rules and, at the same time, leaves me with a total freedom.

We are not alone. All the passages from earlier surround us.

I try to identify these others ! It just so happens that my stomach is inhabited by someone i have never seen.

I set off the camera when things start to move and don’t hesitate to flee from the bed, neither like clouds nor like billard balls.

This is not me in there, just traces from the others !


Following to this project was born the series called Sphères, 2011-2012

This is a first family photography. A potography that stares at nobody, that freezes nobody, and that leaves a doubt as to the identity and put great emphasis to the unknown.

The lens is getting very close to these spheres inhabited by so loves ones and still so unknown.

Motherhood. A universe where everything floats, both inside and outside.

Arms open wide to receive something or just a simple daily action ?

The rounded stomach sits in a domestic universe where the seren whitness of the skin catches the eyes while the floating evokes the vibration from inside.

The protective roundness is still here. Who gives life ? the distance fills the expectation.

A small boundary separates the inner world of the blinding light from the outside, where shadows appear suddenly.

Just before looking at the black eyes that are looking towards the infinite depths and before the three are hugging for a family photo, let’s keep a memory of this gift wrapped in softness and amniotic warmth.
Monica Salvan


All photographs are limited to 25 copies, numbered from 1 to 25 and signed by the Artist, with a certificate of authenticity.

  • Art description : photography printed on Fine Art paper
  • Height : 35.4 in
  • Width : 23.6 in