Félix Hemme - "Nu à la feuille de vigne", 2015

Oil on canvas
21.2 x 28.7 in

"It’s a matter of personal pride to make my painting inderstandable and accessible.

My act as a painter is in confrontation with this ubiquitous and immaterial atmosphere that are the multitude of concepts and questioning.

I strive towards an independant painting cleared from its wordy abundance."

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"I paint figuration, it’s accessible, and also narrative painting which is dictactic, often critical, sometimes political.

I use the colors outrageously, the touch and the stroke that in my research I reconsider endlessly - ; it’s understandable.

I’m terribly in the « making » the materiality of the painting enables it.

The Gesture and the Style is strongly typical of my work.

The Figuration becomes just an excuse.

Games grounds defined to appropriate, to fill by superimposition, by absence; an accumulation of touches, strokes and of impeded curves.

My central theme is the representation of Bodies and Faces that I strive to make them do the talking, the most sincerely possible, sometimes in violent or brutal ways, always without complacency.

I don’t bother if they are « nice »: I want them to talk .

Even so I don’t immured the spectator, each one arrives and grasps the artwork with its story and its free interpretation , I just give some reading elements."

Félix Hemme



Group exhibitions:

Bayeux, Galerie le Radar, D'un mur à l'autre #2, du 29 octobre au 10 Novembre.

La Mothe St Héray, festival Des Nouvelles Métamorphes.

Toulouse, Artoulouse.


Group exhibitions:

Le Touquet, festival Alain Godon.

MilanHotel Straff, Finaliste du Donkey Art Prize.


Group exhibitions:
Le Touquet, festival Alain Godon.

La Rivière (Réunion), exposition avec le peintre Serge Petiteau, Valerie Gruber, Francois Rioux.

2010 :

Group exhibitions:
L'éperon (Réunion)Galerie le Potoroz, exposition des travaux d'éleves de Jean Jacques Houée.


  • Art description : oil on canvas
  • Height : 28.7 in
  • Width : 21.2 in