Franck Gaulier - "Istambul", 1990

Oil on canvas
47.2 x 31.5 in

"In order to find a writing very personal to me, I was particularly interested in the work of memory.

Later I came back to a more traditional style by working around urban landscapes, on the pattern, here again, the emergency of a faded light the cold, the wind or the rain affect us on the essential."

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"I think that whenever I successfully make a painting, I often have the feeling that someone else painted it .

I love being surprised by these pictures, this feeleing is very precious, just like an everlasting new beginning.

Several paintings have also been inspired from literature whether this is F. Kafka, R.M. Rilke, J.Cortazar, L.F.Céline, A.Tabucchi, D.buzatti, J.Saramago, or also R. Char, to cite only those…


How many times haven’t I promised myself to stop painting? How many times haven’t I annouced around me that I was finished with all this, and finally return again and again, as thought replying to an imperious and private need ."

  • Art description : oil on canvas
  • Height : 31.5 in
  • Width : 47.2 in