Frank-e Rannou - "Punkette (Sarah)", 2014

Oil on paper
47.2 x 68.9 in

Born in 1972 in Douarnenez ( 29), self-taught, Franck-e Rannou distinguished himself by creating the portraits of the rugbymen from the XV de France team during the 2007 Rugby world cup, then he made the ones of the French football team, during the 2010 Football world cup .

He regularly takes part in the TV show recordings « Le Ring » broadcasts on France Ô (French TV).

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Except for his various collaborations with musicians (performance), he remains in workshop working on the human figure. The one that doesn’t tell « all’ » immediately, which sometimes that can hardly hide the horrors or beauties of the world , but also the desire.


"This is when I was a kid I discovered another little girl drowned in a mudslide in South America. I was at the table, looking at the 8 P.M. news broadcast. Petrified I was witnessed to the slow ( and televised) death throes of this little girl whose only crime was to be there. Since that day, I definitely stopped believing in God, since that day, I realised that impropriety was everywhere."

  • Art description : oil on paper
  • Height : 68.9 in
  • Width : 47.2 in