Patrice Murciano - "God Save the Queen"

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
39.4 x 39.4 in

Patrice Murciano was born May 27, 1969 in Belfort, but it is in the south of France he grew up.
Thus it will form over the years by himself, away from the codes and assumptions artistic…

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Patrice is 43 years old now and still lives in the south of France, even if it is regular exhibitions abroad (New York, Osaka, Los Angeles, etc.).
Do not tell him he is a painter, he did not recognize. He describes himself as "Researcher art" in constant search of new techniques and new styles (acrylic, ink, oil, sculpture, graphics, photos, movies ...) in his studio he calls the LEA (laboratory experiments artistic). He thinks art movement ...
Even if everything is inspiration for Patrick, he feels above all "portrait".

Main exhibitions:
Galerie Bruxelles (BELGIUM)
Galerie Hillier (ENGLAND)
Galerie Kurves (Montpellier FRANCE)
Casino Partouche (La Grande Motte FRANCE)
Restaurant «le Mas des filles» (Montpellier FRANCE)
Restaurant «l’insensé (Montpellier FRANCE)
Galerie Hoche (Versailles FRANCE)
Galerie AUDRAS (Etoile)
Musée Art contemporain de Bahia (Brésil)
1998 to 2010:
New York
Los Angeles

  • Art description : acrylic and mixed media on canvas
  • Height : 39.4 in
  • Width : 39.4 in
  • Weight : 26 lbs
  • Packaging : delivered in a custom wooden crate