Patrick Gomme - N°97/2 Ana", 2010

Photography laminated on aluminium Dibond
31.5 x 47.2 in

The body is incessantly exposed, from glossy magazines to digital display. An object of visual ambition and a popular subject suffering from unrestrained imaging and omnipresent advertising, the body loses something each time it is over-sublimated: unlined grain; artificial radiance; perfect shape; corrected lines. Beneath our very own vacant eyes, an expression of flesh spreads, disincarnated from being airbrushed, dispossessed from excessively wanting to make it what it is not.

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A perspective without concession that radically stands out comes into our line of vision, one which has been skilfully deluded over the years. It is like stumbling upon the intimate; a crude and bitter truth. Disturbing bodies infringe upon the artificial rule: bodies which are nevertheless comforting and familiar break with the conformity of specious aesthetic. Here, lauded flesh establishes its fierce and touching truism, proclaiming an intimate and fragile, authentic and strong “I”.
Voluntarily fragmented, obstinately poetical, this mosaic retraces the path of a forgotten look, following the thread back to aesthetic re-composition. Pockmarked or diaphanous skin, a whitish stomach which come to life with light or a secret face which moves in the half-light, GOMME translates the sensitive surface of our humanity. Over the course of new details and delicate fragments, a progression reveals the identity of each one, the story of a life whose is to be found in the depths of our exposed folds, shape and scars.
GOMME’s natural photographs (not airbrushed) intend to make us aware of the real beauty of the body. This eclectic gallery of strange figures is immediately fascinating for both its beauty and its strangeness - reflecting our very essence. GOMME has chosen "ordinary" people, who invite us through the discovery of their universe to take another look at our own. So many unusual facets form the universal and consubstantial portrait of the profoundly united body and mind.

All photographs are limited to 7 copies, numbered from 1 to 7 and signed by the Artist.
Supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

  • Art description : photography printed on Fine Art paper and laminated on aluminium Dibond
  • Height : 47.2 in
  • Width : 31.5 in
  • Weight : 7.7 lbs