Stéphanie Stindel - "Jules", 2011

Oil on canvas
44.9 x 57.5 in
"Les Pretty Boys" series

Stephanie Stindel had built a 20-year career as a fashion designer, working in Paris and Hong Kong, when a case of thyroid cancer forced a thorough re-examination of her life. "Once I was well again, I knew that if I didn't dedicate myself to my truest passion," she says, "the life I fought so hard to regain would have been worth much less." That meant changing her focus to making art, in particular painting.

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Sitting at the crossroads of art and graphic design, with a particular interest in large-format portraiture, Stindel has explored many techniques—oil painting in the Flemish style, oil pastels, or pen and ink—with nods to fashion sketching and graffiti. A strong and dynamic line is the backbone of it all. Stindel's other inspirations are eclectic: Lucian Freud, Philippe Pasqua, Valerio Adami, Keith Haring and the British portraitist Mark Demsteader. "What fascinates me is movement and impact," she says. "Without dynamism and an internal tension, no matter what the technique, a painting might as well be dead." 

  • Art description : oil on canvas
  • Height : 57.5 in
  • Width : 44.9 in
  • Weight : 11 lbs