Sébastien Tixier - "Que Reste-t-il de nos Rêves ? 2", 2007

Photography, limited edition
5 copies (
numbered and signed print)
"Que reste-t-il de nos rêves ?" series

Sébastien Tixier was born in 1980 in Bourgogne. He now lives and works in the Paris région.

Autodidact, he began his photographic work in 2007 with « what is left from our dreams ? » already showing a pronouced taste for the staging and he will continue with his most recent works such as « stories about ordinaray lives ».

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  • Availability: Limited to 5 copies

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In these series, he places himself opposite the search of the moment , by focusing on the contrary to build theatralised and frozen pictures just like paintings, to reveal a world of doubt and poetry.

Shown as a series of similar paintings, the series places, in absurd sceneries, characters of all ages, all sexes, and social environment, but all concerned between « hope –despite-all » and disillusion.

For the time of a photograph, these unknowwn persons reveal us a more intimate side of themselves, of their relationship to their lifestyle, or to the old age, or their relation to the body.


Personal works :



   Exhibition in Espace Dupon for the PX3 photographic prize , Paris

   Placed 2nd in the category "Fine Art" and twice mentioned "gold" to the PX3 photographic prize , 2011



   Exhibition to the Horse Hospital, favourite for Still In Motion,London , Photo Festival, London

   Exhibition to La Cartonnerie, favourite for Still In Motion London, Photo Festival, Paris



   Twice awarded with high honors to the PX3 photographic prize in 2009

   Exhibition to NKA Photography Gallery (in association with the gallery Pascal Polar), Brussels

   Exhibition at the European Festival of Nude Photography, Arles

   Winner Grand Prix of Author for the Photo competition of the European Festival of Nude Photography



   Participation in the first exhibition "Affordable Art Fair" in Paris, represented by the gallery « Art & You » , Paris

   Collective exhibition "Face the Faces" organized by Café Salé | cfsl.net, Paris

   Various exhibitions in partnership with Art & You, Paris

   Exhibition at the gallery  « Art & You » , Paris



   Participation in the collective exhibition "Be Happy" organized by Icart, Paris

   Single or in group exhibitions in various locations in Paris





   Many press « shooting » , studio & concert for Tara King Th group



   Shooting on site for the catalog Eiffage , under contract via KU

   Report of one week for the recording of the next album for the Tara King group

   Report of an evening company for Dassault Systemes

   Official press photos and concert for the group Tara King group



   Cover of the exhibition "36 views of the Monts Domes" at the Museum of Volvic, Auvergne

   Photos of concert and backstage for the group Tara King





   "Q" Alain Mingam with Willy Ronis, Elliott Erwitt, Lucien Clergue, Jeanloup Sieff, Robert Doisneau, etc..

   Japan Hashima / Gunkanjima, 40-page book self-published on the Japanese island

  • Art description : digital photography Lambda print "metallic" laminated on aluminum frame 17 x 17 in returning
  • Height : 13.8 in (17.7 in with aluminium)
  • Width : 13.8 in (17.7 in with aluminium)
  • Weight : 1.8 lbs
  • Presenting: 5 numbered and signed copies